Individual Psychological Treatment is offered for both adults and adolescents. The length of treatment varies from short term to long term, depending on individual needs and presenting concerns.

Couples Treatment: Couples often come to therapy when they feel that they have become stuck in unhealthy patterns of interaction. In couples therapy we seek to identify, process and address these unhelpful patterns of communication and interaction. Common challenges that couples bring into therapy include: 

        Unmet emotional needs and/or the desire to be closer

        External challenges (i.e., financial, parenting, extended family, illness)

        Working through infidelity

        Strengthening communication  

        Sex and intimacy challenges

        Ending relationships in a healthy and respectful way

Psychological Assessments vary in cost as they are charged according to the amount of time required to complete the assessment. A typical assessment process involves face-to-face interviewing, as well as gathering of relevant data, followed by the development of a comprehensive written report and a meeting to discuss the results. Please contact the office for further information regarding estimated time and cost for a particular assessment.